Scrap 101


Step 1:

Test everything with a magnet, sort magnetic (ferrous) from non magnetic (non ferrous)

In general, non ferrous (copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel) has a much higher return than ferrous (steel, iron, tin)


Step 2:

Try to separate your different non ferrous. Using buckets, bags or garbage bins can be helpful. If you need any pointers we are happy to assist!

If you need help with a large scale job, we can supply bins or help with a pick up! Give us  a call at 604.253.8481

Step 3:

We will weigh up each grade of metal and pay you per pound.

Prices change weekly based on the market, call us anytime for a quote!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Do you recycle cars?

A: Due to the small size of our yard, we DO NOT recycle full vehicles.  We DO pay cash for automotive parts such as catalytic converters, radiators, cast aluminium engine parts, batteries, and alloy rims free of wheels and weights. If you are looking to recycle a full vehicle, you can find a comprehensive list of automotive recyclers HERE.

Q: Can I buy car/truck parts from you?

A: NO. We do not sell anything other than scrap metal. Yes, if you found a part in our yard, you COULD buy it as SCRAP METAL. We do not catalogue parts and cannot give you any mechanical advice, sorry.

Q: Do you do free pick ups?

A: We do offer pick up services.  Whether pick up is free or not depends on the proximity to our location, the labour required, and the size/value of the load. Please fill out our job inquiry form and we will get back you promptly, during business hours!

Q: Can I drop off large household appliances for recycling?

A: YES! We are happy to help responsibly dispose of your old stove/oven, fridge, deep freezer, dishwasher, washer/dryers, and more. Please note there is a $10 charge for Freon disposal (a nasty chemical in fridges/freezers). 

Q: Do you accept E-scrap?

A: We do accept some types of e-scrap. Please call or email before dropping off. There is a recycling depot and Free Geek just around the corner for those things we cannot recycle!

Q: Can I buy metal from you?

A: Yes absolutely! We usually sell metal per pound to those looking for a cheap way to source materials for hobbies, or various projects. If you wish to purchase in bulk, please give us a call or email.